Fashion Photoshoot Agnes B by Stuart Smith

Agnes B Social Media Fashion Photoshoot. Who Do You Want To be?

Recently, I took the opportunity to put together a fashion photoshoot using clothing from the Agnes B French fashion brand.

The fashion photoshoot location was a central London apartment with a beautiful roof garden. A fashion creative team from Istituto Marangoni worked with Agnes B to bring together the different outfits for the shoot. The model (stunning Evgenia Ratnikova) would be wearing clothes from various aspects of the brands range, from more formal wear through to casual t-shirts and signature pieces.

The objective was to demonstrate how the Brand’s clothing could work with a modern, aspirational upcoming female generation. The end photographs needed to work with Social Media, such as Instagram, to demonstrate the contemporary lifestyle approach of the target audience.

A key brand value for Agnes B is female empowerment. The brand has acted on those values, not only through the clothing but also through the support of creatives in music, the arts and active backing of research of issues, such as Climate Change.

Fashion Photoshoot Agnes B by Stuart Smith

Fashion Photoshoot Agnes B by Stuart Smith

Fashion Photoshoot Agnes B by Stuart Smith

It was great to have a behind the scenes video produced by Maria Fernanda, which covered, not just the photoshoot but also the styling and some words from Agnes B herself!

There were some really fun challenges in this fashion photoshoot. Part of the set was a small bathroom, decorated with flowers before the model got into a pose. It did end up with me practicing my balancing on the edge of the sink!

Fashion Photoshoot Agnes B by Stuart Smith

This was a great visual communications project. I loved working with the creative team to bounce ideas around and get the best from the location and the light to show off the clothes.

The resulting images blend Editorial Photography style with a Lifestyle photoshoot to produce shareable images that fit well into the world of Social Media, which is where fashion is increasingly expressed in.

If you need a fashion photoshoot for your brand or clients and want my help to bring it to life, then please get in-touch, using the form below.



  • Brand: Agnes B
  • Photographer, Image Editing, and Retouching: Stuart Smith
  • Model: Evgeniya Ratnikova
  • Styling and Production
    • Maria Fernanda Lamego
    • Ori Jrispin
    • Rassarine Tanachaiwattanapokin
    • Evgeniya Ratnikova
  • Behind the Scenes Video: Maria Fernanda Lamego
  • Article Author: Stuart Smith

Images and Text Copyright Stuart Smith, All Rights Reserved.


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