Happy Chinese New Year of the Rooster – London Pictures

Photography by Stuart Smith

Happy Chinese New Year, it is now the year of the Rooster and London plays host to some of the biggest celebrations outside of Asia. I was lucky enough to be in Trafalgar Square and nearby Chinatown to create some photographs of the spectacular celebrations.

Photography by Stuart Smith

Red is a colour strongly associate with Chinese New Year, particularly good fortune and joy. The colour dominated the streets. Paper red lanterns surrounded events stage in Trafalgar Square. The streets of nearby Chinatown were a cascade of red lanterns.

Photography by Stuart Smith

Various displays were on throughout the day, with spectacular floats. Performers carrying out Lion Dances visited premises in Chinatown accompanied by a non-stop beat of drums and cymbals. The Lions prancing up to reach the greens and red envelopes hung from buildings. Bringing good luck for the Chinese New Year to the businesses and homes.

Photography by Stuart Smith

It is great to be able to witness and share in the celebrations of different cultures. So wishing all my Chinese friends
“Xin Nian Kuai Le” (Mandarin)
“San Nin Faai Lok” (Cantonese).

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  • Date of Photoshoot: 29 January 2017
  • Location: Central London, UK – Chinatown and Trafalgar Square
  • Photographer and Image Editing: Stuart Smith
  • Article Author: Stuart Smith


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