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How is your video standing out when everyone else is doing it to?

COVID has led a boom in video technology in work for all kinds of industries. Conversely it’s been challenging for those businesses wanting to do something more with video. Location shoots with crews have been severely restricted, seemingly limiting ambitions.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

During the pandemic I have been working with businesses using remote filming techniques. 

Remote Filming is essentially has the video crew operating away from the subject.

There are massive advantages. 

  • zero travel costs
  • no location hire costs
  • less disrutption to the ‘routine’
  • still working with professionals

There are disdvanatages.

  • variability of equipment
  • no crew to set things up properly
  • unexpected disruptions e.g. Amazon deliveries!

The client is still working with a professionals. They are advised about lighting, camera placement, audio & creating better quality footage. Professional editors can see opportunities in footage that most people would dismiss.

The following was produced for some nutritionists. There was a double challenge of presenters in different locations.

Have a look. Tell me what you would have done differently.

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