Procreate Dreams Announced

Procreate the go to illustration and art app for many iPad artists is realising an entirely new piece of software. According to the announcement made at the We Are Playgrounds | In Motion event running in London, UK 8 and 9 September 2023.

Procreate Dreams will be aimed at the animation market and will be compatible with existing Procreate brushes and take full advantage of the iPads Graphic Processing Unit’s power (GPU).

Among the features announced

Timeline – multitouch and Apple pencil
– quick pinch for zoom
– Double tap
– to screen width looping
– Quick access actions e.g key frames

New feature – Performing
– New feature – flowing with the mood
– ‘Anything that you can keyframe you can perform’

Drawing & painting
– Fully computable with all brushes
– Flipbook
– cell animation – focus on single frame

New Painting Engine
– 1 million x 1 million resolution (currently Procreate offers 16k)

– Procreate Audio Engine
– Low latency
– Edit in realtime

– ProRes

New File format
– .dream
– All assets, video, drawings & history all’s available in Apple’s iCloud

All the new features will also be added to Procreate.

Procreate Dreams will be available November 2023 for $19.99 and no subscription!

Procreate Dreams more info

We are playgrounds In Motion





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