Stuart Smith Digital Artist

Self Portrait Photograph by Stuart Smith

I am Stuart Smith, a digital artist who blends physical and digital space to create captivating art. Screens are increasingly our primary window to reality. It is the interaction of the physical and digital that is creating opportunities for radical innovation in the world of art.

As a storyteller, I explore how the physical world informs the virtual and vice versa. I use various media to convey my message. Photography, Filmmaking, eXtended, Virtual, and Augmented Reality amongst others are used to create multidimensional art. Art that stays fresh and relevant in a world that’s becoming increasingly multichannel.

My art extends beyond the Metaverse. It moves into the physical space, blurring the boundaries between the two and creating an immersive experience.

I invite you to explore my site and connect with me on social media. I’m always open to new opportunities to collaborate or receive commissions to showcase my unique and creative approach to digital art.