Technical Art using Blender and BabylonJS - place holder

Technical Art using Blender and BabylonJS

Technical art refers to the use of technology and technical skills in the creation of artistic works. The following demos some aspects of technical art using Blender and BabylonJS.

Technical artists utilize their technical knowledge to bring their artistic vision to life, leveraging digital tools and techniques to manipulate and transform visual or auditory elements. They may create digital paintings, computer-generated animations, interactive multimedia installations, virtual reality experiences, or any other form of art that utilizes technology as an integral part of its creation or presentation.

In the demo following use the blue button to randomly energise the blocks. You can also move the central platform and go around the 3D space to explore different angles. Any problems with viewing please visit the hosting page.

The project was created using Blender 3D and BabylonJS.

If you would like to talk more about Technical Art please get in-touch.

Thanks to PirateJC and BabylonJS for the great tutorials.





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