Views From Erith

Really pleased to be able to share my new exhibition Views From Erith, which is currently on show at The Erith Exchange as part of the Erith: In Review programme.

Views from Erith is a collection of fine art photographic images. Each image is a limited print on brushed aluminium. The images show views from Erith out over the River Thames. Each image is interpreted and processed from the original digital photograph before the final printing.

Views from Erith 1

Erith is a south-east London town with a long history, dating from Anglo Saxon times. The town is part of the modern London Borough of Bexley.

Views from Erith 2

In its more recent past, Erith has had an industrial history. The signs of industrial activity have left their signature on the landscape and it is particularly evident around the waterfront.

Views from Erith 3

Views from Erith invites the viewer to consider the scenes of the water from the town and to reflect. Remains of jetties, piers and abandoned giant tools of industry linger in the landscape. They are featured in the images not as scars but as an integral part of the beauty of their surroundings.

Views from Erith 4

Brushed aluminium has been selected as the printing medium because it reflects the industrial heritage of Erith. The printing process leaves the bare metal exposed. The image is changed into something else by the printing process that cannot be captured in the camera alone.

All the prints show available for sale at the Exchange.


2 responses to “Views From Erith”

  1. Céleste avatar

    Very well done Stuart. How interesting to do them on Aluminium. Do you do colour photos as well?

    1. Stuart avatar

      Hi there. Thank you so much 🙂 I do work in colour as well. Aluminium lends itself well to mono or duotones but I am going to experiment with some colour on the medium so watch this space 🙂

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